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About Lynne

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Founding Artistic Director
Portland Story Theater

Responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus for delivering engaging personal stories for adult audiences.
2011 - Present (full time)
2004 - 2010 (part time)

Social Media Strategist
Arts | Artists | Makers
Build online communities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
2008 - Present

American narrative artist, raconteur, and storyteller best known for short-form personal stories and work with Portland Story Theater's Urban Tellers®.
2001 - Present

Portland State University
2008 - 2010
BA - Graduated with Honors. Areas of focus:
Conflict Resolution, Communication, Philosophy.

Humanize Technology
Created authentic experiences that aligned
business strategies with the needs and
behaviors of real people.
2001 - 2008

Writer / Storyteller
Worked in tandem with Lawrence Howard, using a unique delivery technique that is best described as a narrative duet.
2001 - 2008

Director of Experience Design
(Research, Strategy, IA)

agency.com (now known as designory)
Developed world-class digital experiences using human-centered design practices.
1998 - 2001

Intranet Strategist
Philips Electron Optics | FEI Company

Built the company's first global intranet from the ground up.
1996 - 1998

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Making Meaning

Creating Beauty

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