sp home | contact | calendar | about | site map Lynne Duddy has been described by The Oregonian as “raw, revealing, vulnerable.”

She believes that storytelling is an art form that demands deep transparency. But it is the emotional truth that drives the discovery and development of her stories. Ultimately, trusting yourself and trusting the story become one.

Lynne Duddy is one of the founders of Portland Story Theater. She facilitates workshops in personal narrative. Lynne also performs as a solo artist and has premiered several solo pieces that were produced by Portland Story Theater.

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Lynne is a master of the short story but also relishes creating long-form solo shows. Singlehandedly!, Portland Story Theater's New Works Solo Festival, is the forum where Lynne has presented each of her solo shows.

2013 marks Lynne's 5th solo show, "Twice Born, A Story of Adoption." This is a story about the on-going push and pull between nature and nurture, the search for self, and the embrace of the artist within.

2012's solo show, "White Girl," is a story of growing up in N-NE Portland in the 60s and 70s, identifying as a member of the Civil Rights Generation, and being shaped by the powerful changes that continue to occur in our culture around race, race relations, community, and what it means to be human.

In 2011, she told "Éist! Is Éireannach mé! (Damnit! I'm Irish!)." This is the true story of the serendipitous windings of fate that brought the love child of one father under the protection of another.

Lynne's solo show, "There's No Place Like Home" premiered at Portland Story Theater's Singlehandedly 2010 New Solo Works Festival and then the NSN's LA Fringe Festival. She also performed an excerpt of this piece at the National Story Slam in Chicago.

Her one-woman show, "dark matter," premiered at the first Portland Story Theater Solo Festival before sold-out audiences. Read Inara Verzemnieks' review in The Oregonian. If you would like to order a copy of this audio CD, go to CD Baby and buy it there!

Lynne believes in solo work and is the Executive Creative Director of Portland Story Theater. Everyone who works with Lynne at Portland Story Theater uses their unique collaborative Urban Tellers™ process to create, hone, and deliver their piece.

Lynne Duddy
Lynne Duddy

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"Twenty Seconds," a short story from Kiss & Tell, Valentine's 2014

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