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Lynne Duddy's projects reimagine how people can connect to each other in meaningful ways. Combining elements of personal narrative, anthropology, and user experience design, her projects range from building one of the first global intranets (Philips Electron Optics) to orchestrating a human-centered practice for a leading-edge interactive agency. She is co-founder of Portland Story Theater, which delivers engaging, true stories for adult audiences, and brings the community together in a sustainable, essential way.

Lynne is a rare combination of right-brain and left-brain abilities, a big-picture thinker, who knows how to listen and win the trust of intelligent, caring people. She loves to solve problems, see the underlying patterns, and get people working together to create change for the greater good.

Lynne is curious about all branches of human learning. She has an inexhaustible amount of creative energy that she channels into evangelizing about story and the importance it plays in our lives. A true urbanite and Oregonian, Lynne lives with her husband in Northeast Portland.

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